20 / 08 / 2018
Some sad news about Gerry the giraffe
We are deeply saddened to announce that Gerry, one of three giraffe at Wild Place Project, died over the weekend.
Gerry, who was four-years-old and the tallest of the three, had an extremely rare blood condition called thrombocytopaenia which was diagnosed by our vets last year.  This meant that he did not have enough platelets and his blood was unable to clot. 
Although last year he responded well to treatment, his health deteriorated again in recent weeks and this time he did not respond to treatment.
Gerry arrived at Wild Place Project in May of last year from Amsterdam. He was a gentle giant and very much loved by our staff and volunteers at Wild Place Project and by all our guests.
His team of keepers have done an amazing amount of work in training Gerry to be able to receive the medication he needed, and we are all devastated by his death.
Gerry enchanted everyone who met him; he had a very friendly and inquisitive nature and was the first to wander across when he saw people standing by his enclosure.
This is a very difficult time for the keepers, staff and guests who were all fortunate enough to meet and work with such a wonderful creature. We all feel we have lost a friend and we will always remember him.
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