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Wild Place Project, Blackhorse Hill, Bristol, BS10 7TP.

For general enquiries, feedback and customer service, please call 0117 428 5602, email info@wildplace.org.uk.

Additional contacts:

Tel: 0117 428 5300

Tel: 0117 428 5602
Email: info@wildplace.org.uk

Education sessions:
Tel: 0117 4285 600
Email: edubookings@wildplace.org.uk

Animal Experiences and Keeper for the Day: 
Tel: 0117 428 5602
Email: info@wildplace.org.uk

Contact: Angela Mather, Director of Finance & Corporate Services
Tel no: 0117 428 5305
Email: companysecretary@bristolzoo.org.uk
Contact: Claire Murphy, Head of HR
Email: safeguarding@bristolzoo.org.uk
Address: Bristol Zoo Gardens, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3HA

Corporate opportunities & fundraising:
Tel: 0117 428 5313
‚ÄčEmail: development@bristolzoo.org.uk

Student filming requests

We are unable to accommodate student filming requests at this time. Filming and photography for personal use is permitted on-site, providing all other site rules and conditions of entry are adhered to.

Please see our rules regarding filming and photography on our terms and conditions page.


These details are for media enquiries only and not general Zoo enquiries or marketing sales calls.

Dani Andres (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) Tel: 0117 428 5320  Email: dandres@bristolzoo.org.uk
Lucy McCormick (Wednesday and Friday) Tel: 0117 428 5320 Email: lmccormick@bristolzoo.org.uk

For marketing related enquiries, please contact marketing@bristolzoo.org.uk.

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