06 / 04 / 2022
Playtime for the bears at Wild Place Project
Our bears have been enjoying the early spring sunshine with a new hammock made from old second-hand fire hose.

The hose was donated by Bristol Airport’s fire department, and our keepers used it to create a hammock for our four European brown bears. Rather than relaxing in their new hammock, the bears have enjoyed using it as a swing!
Keepers at both Wild Place Project and our sister attraction, Bristol Zoo Gardens, often create enrichment devices and activities to encourage animals’ natural behaviours and keep them active. 
This can include using puzzle feeders and items to encourage and stimulate animals to search for hidden food, or hanging ropes for primates to climb and swing from.
As well as being used to create a hammock for our bears, the generous donation was also used to create activities for the primates at Bristol Zoo Gardens.
Nigel Simpson, Head of Animal Collections at Wild Place Project and Bristol Zoo Gardens, said: “We are very grateful for all donations which are used to make enrichment equipment for a variety of animals. 
“As well as making hammocks for the larger animals, we’ll also use smaller lengths of hose to hide food for smaller primates to find. We can also hang up lengths of fire hose for our tamarins and squirrel monkeys to climb and hang from, so we’ll certainly put it to great use!”
In time, firefighting hose can become damaged and worn and is then no longer suitable for its intended use. Rather than destroying them, the fire department donates the hoses to good causes where alternative uses can be found.
Chris Broome from Bristol Airport’s Fire Department said: “We are delighted to support Wild Place Project and Bristol Zoo Gardens by contributing old, unwanted and damaged lengths of fire hose. It is great to see the equipment being put to such good use and being used by the animals.”
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