23 / 07 / 2018
Get up close to world’s last surviving grass-grazing primate
Wild Place Project has launched an exciting experience, inviting people to get up close and personal with the world’s last surviving species of ancient grass-grazing primates.
Its new Gelada Baboon experience will see guests feeding males Hobbit, Hercules, Harshit, Hector, Kito and Kidame, as well as going behind-the-scenes of their home – Gelada Rocks.
And the opportunity to hear from keepers all about this threatened species, which arrived from Switzerland to Wild Place Project in 2016.
Although often referred to as gelada baboons, the monkeys are not true baboons. They can be easily recognised by the cape of long hair over the shoulders of the males and the bright red skin on the chest of both sexes.
Will Walker, animal manager at Wild Place Project, said: “Our troop are absolutely fascinating to watch and each monkey has its own unique personality.
“They have settled really well into their carefully-designed home and really enjoy grazing on our hilly exhibit.
“We are looking forward to welcoming people on this experience and giving people a VIP glimpse into the lives of our mischievous troop.”
Tickets for the 30-minute experience, which runs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, start at just £50 for one person and include free entry to Wild Place Project for the participant and a guest.
It is open to people aged 12 years and over. Participants under 18-years-old must be accompanied by an adult. For those looking for a unique gift idea, gift vouchers can also be purchased and are redeemable for 12-months.
For more information and to book this experience, or one of the seven animal experiences on offer at Wild Place Project, involving meerkats, cheetah and giraffe, visit our website, email us, or call 0117 428 5602.
In the wild, Gelada only reside in Ethiopia and the species is increasingly exposed to the effects of encroaching agriculture and development, threatening the grasslands they inhabit.

To help Wild Place Project continue to protect this species, or if you are interested in sponsoring the Gelada Rocks exhibit, contact our development team here
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