31 / 10 / 2018
New cute arrival

Keepers at Wild Place Project are celebrating the arrival of a cute new friend.
It’s a tiny male dik-dik calf – one of the smallest antelopes in the world – and the second to be born at the wildlife park in a little over a month.
He has heart melting looks and tips the scales at just 680g and is just 20cm (8 inches) tall.
The calf was born to mum Streusel and dad Croissant and although he has not yet been given a name he is already settling in to life with the other dik-diks.
He is the fourth Kirk’s dik-dik to be born at Wild Place Project in just over a year. Last month Pikelet arrived, Crumble, was born five months earlier and Filo came into the world in August last year.
Joe Norman, animal team leader at Wild Place Project, said: “He is fit and healthy and doing really well.
“He began by spending the first hours nesting but he is now out and about and following the other dik-diks around.”
Joe said anyone visiting the dik-diks’ enclosure in the Walled Garden at Wild Place Project has a really good chance of seeing him.
Dik-diks are found in the wild in eastern and southern Africa and get their name from the distinctive trumpet-like call which the females emit to raise an alarm, to harass predators or publicise the presence of a mated pair.
They are very small, even when they are fully grown they still stand only 40 cm (16 inches) tall.
Joe said while people were at Wild Place Project, which is just off Junction 17 of the M5,  they could also see two of the biggest antelopes in the world – the Eland called Aron and Axel.

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