28 / 07 / 2020
Help name our new lynx kittens!
Our two lynx kittens are in need of names, and our keepers are calling on the public to help choose them!
New video footage of the European lynx kittens shows the pair becoming more playful and inquisitive, and venturing out of their den in the woodland undergrowth more frequently.
Despite now being more adventurous, the pair are still under the watchful eye of first-time-mother Loka who is never too far away.
The new arrivals are delighting visitors and are the perfect gift for the park as we recently celebrated the first anniversary of opening Bear Wood.
Now our keepers are deciding what to call the playful pair, and have come up with a shortlist for the public to vote on.
The choices are:
  • Rune (Norse for secret)
  • Ragnar (Norse for Warrior and legendary Viking, husband of Lagertha)
  • Lars (from the new Eurovision film)
  • Holt (Old English for Woodland)
  • Lagertha (legendary Viking shieldmaiden, wife of Ragnar)
  • Lox (old English for lynx)
  • Sigrid (from the new Eurovision film)
  • Kinsey (Caves where some of the most numerous lynx bones have been discovered in UK
To vote for your favourite names, visit the Wild Place Project Facebook page.
The lynx kittens are believed to be the first born in a UK Zoo this year – a great boost for the conservation breeding programme for this amazing species, which once roamed wild in the UK.
Loka has proved to be a very attentive mother and it will be 10 months before the kittens are independent and up to three years before they are fully mature.
Loka arrived at Wild Place Project from Skånes Djurpark in Sweden and the kittens’ father, Zone, was brought from Highland Wildlife Park in Kincraig, Scotland almost a year ago.
It is around 1,000 years since lynx were last found in the wild in Britain but visitors to Bear Wood can see them in British woodland as they would have once lived. They live alongside European brown bears, wolverines and wolves.
Today, in the wild, European lynx are found in deciduous and mixed forests in Europe and Russia, Central Asia and as far as the Arctic tundra.
Bear Wood, which is sponsored by Natracare, tells the story of the UK’s ancient woodland and the charismatic species that once inhabited it, such as bears, wolves, lynxes and wolverines.
But Bear Wood isn’t just about what we’ve lost. It’s also about protecting what we have left. It inspires visitors to value and protect native woodland habitats and species – a sentiment that we hope visitors will value now more than ever before.
Pre-purchase your times ticket slot online here, and pay our lynx kittens a visit in Bear Wood! 
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