19 / 04 / 2022
Easter baby: Wolverine kit born at Wild Place Project
While lambs, chicks and bunnies are usually associated with Easter, our visitors will be hoping to catch a glimpse of a very rare arrival – a wolverine kit.

Our keepers are celebrating the first ever birth of a wolverine kit at the zoo. The young kit’s birth is particularly exciting as wolverines became extinct in the wild in Britain more than 8,000 years ago.
While patient visitors may catch sight of the young female, her mother, Alice, has been keeping her out of sight most of the time, in the nest she made in Wild Place’s Bear Wood exhibit.

​Joe Norman, Animal Team Leader at Wild Place Project, said: “This is completely normal. She has kept her close to her just as she would in the wild.”

He said keepers were pleased that Alice built the nest inside a small purpose built nest box and has dug her own dens throughout the wolverines’ enclosure.

Joe said: “It is dry and warm for them in there. We have been checking constantly, waiting for her to come out into the open. We knew it would be up to 10 weeks but it has been worth the wait. They really are beautiful animals.”

The kit is being cared for by her five-year-old mum while dad, Novo, who is four, keeps well away.

Joe said: “That is just the behaviour we would expect. Wolverine dads have no role in caring for infants.”

Wolverines look like small bears but are in fact one of the largest members of the mustelid family.

Over Easter, visitors are also enjoying the two eggciting Easter family trails at both Wild Place Project and Bristol Zoo Gardens.

Between 9 and 24 April, giant eggs will be hidden around both visitor attractions for families to discover. There will be stickers for all taking part and the chance to win a top prize including an annual pass to Wild Place Project, a goodie bag, and an opportunity to hand feed penguins at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

To book tickets go to wildplace.org.uk.
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