11 / 05 / 2020
Amazing camera trap footage shows secret life of the lynx

Beautiful images of a lynx have been caught on a newly-installed camera here at Wild Place Project.
The video footage shows three-year-old male, Zone, investigating the camera which was donated by a member of the public.


‚ÄčThe camera was chosen from our Amazon wish list by Bridget Woodward in memory of her mother who was a supporter of Wild Place Project and enjoyed visiting with her family.
Bridget explains: “In mid-March we visited Wild Place as it was the anniversary of losing mum. We had previously bought a plaque on the Bear Wood walkway, in her memory, which we went to visit.
“This year, as an alternative to buying flowers in mum’s memory, I thought it would be appropriate to donate something useful to Wild Place. So we had a look on their Amazon wish list and decided to donate a wildlife camera.”
Now the camera has caught rare, close-up images of the secretive lynx as he sniffs the new addition to his woodland home.
The camera will be of huge benefit to the keepers who can use it to assess animal behaviour when they are not working in the enclosure, including at night, or to monitor areas of the woodland where CCTV does not reach, including around their quiet woodland den areas. keepers do not have clear sight.
Zone is one of two Eurasian lynx which live in Bear Wood – a woodland exhibit that opened at Wild Place Project last summer.
The camera can be moved by keepers to capture images of the other animals that live nearby, including four European brown bears, five wolves and two wolverine. It can also be used to monitor the abundance of UK native species in Bear Wood, including birds, bats and other wildlife.
Animal Manager, Will Walker, said donations from the Amazon Wish list are invaluable: “Our Amazon wish list is a really easy way to donate to Wild Place. It includes a selection of fun and exciting enrichment items that our animals will enjoy, from balls, toys and enrichment feeders, to rope climbers, herbs and even scent spray for the cheetahs.”
He added: “Items such as this new camera trap are hugely beneficial and also mean we can share lovely images such as this with the public.
Find out more about our Amazon wish list, or to make a donation, here.

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