22 / 10 / 2020
Animals get an early taste of Halloween
Our animals got an early taste of Halloween when they were given specially carved pumpkins.

The pumpkins were hung up on the giraffes’ favourite tree where they eat branches of green leaves each day.
They were also placed on the rocks where the gelada baboons live and filled with chopped up vegetables.

On the other side of Wild Place Project the colony of meerkats were given their own pumpkins containing crickets.
And while the giraffe sniffed at the pumpkins, the geladas scooped out the food with their claws and the meerkats dived in head first.
It marked the start of the build-up to Halloween at Wild Place Project where the leaves are changing to glorious colours for autumn.

The woods have a rich variety of trees from oak, ash, yew, cherry and blackthorn to hazel, lime, beech, birch and horse chestnuts.
In popular Bear Wood, the European brown bears, lynx, wolverine and wolves can be seen  picking their way over the fallen leaves.
Visitors also have a chance of seeing woodpeckers as the trees shed their leaves and grey squirrels busily gathering nuts in preparation for the winter months ahead.
Will Walker, Animal Manager, said: “This is a lovely time of year at Wild Place Project when people can enjoy not only our animals but also the changing season.
“There really is something magical about wandering through Bear Wood beneath the trees in the days before Halloween.”
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The Society launched an appeal to ensure the future of its work ‘saving wildlife together’. The Society, which is a registered charity, launched the BZS Appeal following the temporary closure of both its sites in Bristol in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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