Gardens and Walks

Looking for gardens to visit in Bristol? You’ll find more than just animals at Wild Place Project!

Our beautiful gardens contain unusual trees, shrubs and plants from around the world. There's also our very own Sanctuary Garden and wonderful woodland walks.


Tower Meadow

With plenty of room to throw or kick a ball around and space to lay a blanket down, the Tower Meadow is the ideal spot for families.

Standing proudly in the centre of the Tower Meadow is the Hollywood Tower, which was built in 1839 and originally designed to be an observatory. The clock in the tower was made by Dent who constructed 'Big Ben'.

Sanctuary Garden

The Sanctuary Garden was given its name because it's home to air raid shelters from the Second World War and would have offered protection and sanctuary for nearby families during the war. The aptly named garden will now provide sanctuary to plants in need of conservation.

The Sanctuary Garden has its own herb bed, which is used by the chefs in our Courtyard Café.

As well as ornamental elements displayed within this pretty garden, there are also edible plants that keepers feed to the animals.

Whether picnicking or strolling - visit our gardens in Bristol today for a perfect family day out!

Air Raid Shelter

The air raid shelter will be open for guests at various times throughout the year.
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