25 / 07 / 2020
Our Marvellous Wolverines!
Before you say it – we’re not talking about Hugh Jackman!

As part of our week-long celebration of Bear Wood’s first anniversary, we’re shining the spotlight on our wonderful wolverines!

The two wolverines, Alice and Novo, arrived at Wild Place Project in 2019 for the launch of Bear Wood. Have you spotted them scampering around their paddock, or lounging in the trees? Read on to find out what else they get up to…

Alice and Novo: The lowdown

Just like all our animals, Alice and Novo have their own quirks, likes and dislikes!

Age: 3
Alice is confident and clever, often finding new ways to outsmart her keepers to get to food more easily. During the day, she likes to sleep in her favourite hiding places or up in her favourite tree. When she’s not having a snooze, she loves to play and dig, and is frequently found with mud all over her face!

Age: 2
Novo LOVES his food! Nothing is more important to him than where his next meal is coming from. When he first arrived at Wild Place, he was very shy, but has become much more confident and now spends his days exploring his enclosure and finding nooks to rest in. He is enthusiastic, inquisitive and cannot wait to get his hands on any fun things (or food) his keepers put out for him to play with.

Tasty snacks...

Our wolverines’ diet includes a variety of meat such as quail, horse, rabbits, chicken, fish, beef and crabs. They also like fruit and veg and boiled eggs. 

In the wild, these opportunistic eaters would feed on carrion – the corpses of larger mammals, such as elk, deer, and caribou. These sustain them in winter when other prey may be thinner on the ground.

Playing with food!

Our wolverines are active and intelligent and require their food to be presented in a variety of ways every day to keep them stimulated. Food can be hung up in trees, buried, hidden under logs/boxes/bags, cut up and scattered, or smeared onto objects.

This is called enrichment, and also includes introducing lots of toys and games to their exhibit to keep them mentally and physically active. We have a specialist team that dedicates time to planning and creating the most relevant and effective enrichment for all of our animals.

Just like the bears, you can buy our wolverines a gift to make playtime even more fun! Take a look at the toys on our Amazon wishlist and we might post a photo of them playing to our Facebook page!

Fab facts

  • The wolverine resembles a small bear but is actually the largest member of the weasel family
  • They became extinct in Britain in 6000 BC
  • They are solitary animals, who like having lots of room to roam – something they enjoy in their big Bear Wood paddock!
  • They may be small, but wolverines are tenacious predators. They easily catch smaller prey, such as rabbits and rodents, but may even attack animals many times their size!
Bear wood is kindly sponsored by Natracare.
Why not pay the wolverines a visit at Wild Place Project? Book online in advance at wildplace.org.uk
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