06 / 01 / 2021
Two young lynxes due to leave Wild Place for new homes
The first lynx kittens to be born at Wild Place Project are due to leave for new homes this month as part of an important European breeding programme.

Sisters Lox and Kinsey were born at Bear Wood in the heart of Wild Place Project in May 2020 and are now fully grown.

Lox will be making a journey to her new home at Beale Wildlife Park in Berkshire and Kinsey will be moving to Randers Tropical Zoo in central Denmark.

They are both joining other lynxes in the hope that they will mate and create a sustainable zoo population for this species.

Joe Norman, Animal Team Leader at Wild Place Project, said: “Both Lox and Kinsey hold a special place in our hearts as they were the first animals to be born at Bear Wood.

"They have thrived and are now ready to move and hopefully to breed as part of the programme to sustain lynx numbers."

Their parents Loka and Zone will remain at Wild Place Project along with the two newest kittens born in May last year.

It is around 1,000 years since lynxes were last found in the wild in Britain but visitors to Bear Wood can see them as they would have once lived alongside European brown bears, wolverines and wolves.

Bear Wood, which is sponsored by Natracare, is not only about what has been lost but protecting what remains, inspiring people to value and safeguard native woodland habitats and species.


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