21 / 06 / 2017
Small Copper Butterfly Spotted at Wild Place

A Small Copper butterfly has been spotted at Wild Place Project near Bristol for the first time.

Experts believe it is probably a female because of the shape of its wings.

The fast flying butterfly was seen on a patch of wildflowers and thistles near the reindeer enclosure at the attraction in South Gloucestershire.

Wild Place Project learning Assistant Samantha Topham said: “When I saw the Small Copper I was intrigued as it was so small, with a wing span of  only 2-3 centimetres.

“There were three of them on the thistle flowers but they moved so quickly it was difficult to identify them.”

The Small Copper caterpillar feeds on sorrel and likes the kind of rough grassland at Wild Place Project.

One of our ranger volunteers Alan Goldsmith at Wild Place Project off junction 17 of the M5 think that new banks of grass constructed around the giraffe paddock will attract more Small Coppers.

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