12 / 12 / 2018
Reindeer at Wild Place Project get ready for Christmas
Keepers at Wild Place Project are giving their reindeer extra attention in the coming days – in case Father Christmas needs them.
They have been grooming the thick coats of Holly and Molly as well as trimming and cleaning their hooves to make sure they can fly smoothly through the air. The reindeer are also being given their favourite treat of sugar beet to ensure they have plenty of calories so they will have as much energy as possible.
It’s all in case Father Christmas asks for their help to deliver presents on Christmas Eve. Holly and Molly are both six years old and weigh 85kg which is the perfect flying weight for reindeer.
Nigel Simpson, head of operations at Wild Place Project, said: “Father Christmas rang us the other day to ask if we could help if his reindeer get tired. I know he travels very fast but Holly and Molly are strong and healthy and they will have no problem helping to pull his sleigh.”
Father Christmas has said he will ring Nigel if Vixen, Dancer, Dasher, Cupid, Comet, Blitzen, Donner or even Rudolph need to rest. He will then land his sleigh in the grounds of Wild Place Project and Nigel will help lead Holly and Molly from their enclosure so they can join his team.
Nigel said: “He’ll leave his tired reindeer with us and we will look after them until after the Christmas holiday. We will, of course, make sure there is plenty of food for them and we’ll have a special treat and a glass of milk for Father Christmas too.”
He said Father Christmas was really pleased when he heard Wild Place Project were going to help him. Nigel said: “He might not need our reindeer but we wanted to make sure they are ready so he can make sure all the children get their presents.”
Keepers at Wild Place Project are giving regular talks about the reindeer. For details visit our website. 
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