02 / 06 / 2017
Giraffe House is Now Open Daily

The new giraffe house at Wild Place Project is now open to visitors every day. The doors are opened to visitors at 10.30am and are not closed until 4.30pm.

People can walk into the viewing area on the ground floor, which can accommodate up to 30  people, and watch the giraffe from just a few feet away.

Nigel Simpson, head of operations at Wild Place Project, said: “People think the house is great and we are getting lots of positive feedback.

“What we’ve noticed is that even when there are lots of people in the house they are really respectful towards the giraffe and keep quiet. There’s no noise or shouting.”

There are three giraffe at Wild Place, two of them Gerry and Dayo came from Holland and the third, Tom, was brought from Germany.

Nigel said: “They have all settled in well and have adapted to life at Wild Place.”

Their £1m purpose-built home which stands in 1.8 acres was constructed by Keynsham-based firm Dribuild.

The upper viewing gallery will not open to the public until the giraffe time have got completely used to their new home.

The giraffe house at Wild Place is linked to a new field conservation project aimed at saving one of the few remaining populations of Central African giraffe left in the wild.

Experts from Bristol Zoological Society travelled to Cameroon to begin a critical research effort to map the habitat and conduct a population census of some of the remaining Kordofan giraffe using drone technology.

They hope to establish whether there is a sustainable population of this highly threatened giraffe subspecies that they can work to conserve and help save from extinction.

Wild giraffe numbers have fallen from 140,000 to less than 80,000 in just 15 years. There are now fewer giraffe left in the wild than African elephants.


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