29 / 05 / 2018
The giraffe are measuring up at Wild Place Project
It’s been a year since three young giraffe arrived at Wild Place Project, and now it’s time for keepers to see how they are measuring up. 
Dayo, Gerry and Tom, arrived at the attraction last May and have settled in well to their purpose-built giraffe house.
The three young males have done plenty of growing in that time, but have not yet reached full maturity and will get even taller yet.
The biggest giraffe, Gerry, has just celebrated his fourth birthday and now stands at more than 4m (13ft) tall.
Tom is the smallest of the three, at just two and a half years old, and in the middle is Dayo, who turned three in March.
Giraffe reach maturity at around five years old and can grow up to 5m (16.5ft) tall.
Will Walker, animal manager at Wild Place Project, said: “It’s important to keep tabs on the development of our giraffe to ensure they are healthy and strong. Tom in particular has grown a huge amount since he first arrived as a youngster; it’s great to see them all growing well and developing as healthy young adults.”
He added: “They have settled in brilliantly over the past 12 months and have really bonded - they get along very well. They are also hugely popular with visitors as they are just such beautiful and charismatic animals and an absolute pleasure to work with.”
The £1.1 million giraffe house at Wild Place Project was built by Bristol-based construction firm, Dribuild, and includes raised viewing platforms and an amazing outlook over the attraction.
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