16 / 10 / 2017
Financial Advice firm help save cheetah
Photo: Competition winner Sarah Cleaver with Paul Whitton.

A Bradley Stoke financial advice firm is helping to safeguard the future of the fastest animals on the planet which are fighting for their survival.
Aspirations Financial Advice Ltd is sponsoring the cheetah enclosure at Wild Place Project.
The wild life park opened by Bristol Zoological Society four years ago has three central African cheetah.
Aspirations Financial Advice Ltd began their sponsorship of the enclosure in January this year.
They have followed this with a series of events to promote their involvement and the importance of helping to save cheetahs whose total number in the wild has fallen to around 10,000.
Cheetah are under threat due to loss of habitat, predators, conflict with humans and the illegal pet trade.
Aspirations director Debbie Whitton said: ““We hope that our sponsorship will help make a difference to these beautiful animals and will raise awareness to their vulnerable status.”
She and fellow directors Paul Whitton and Stephen Gilpin believe it is important to give something back to society.
Aspirations have been helping to raise awareness of the cheetahs’ plight by highlighting their sponsorship in adverts, posters, campaigns and through social media.
They have also run a number of competitions including one where schoolchildren were asked to colour in drawings of cheetahs.
Debbie said: “The results were pretty spectacular.  We had multi-coloured cheetah, a stripy cheetah and even one covered in clouds.”
Two pupils, Maja Lamberska and Ashmas Rizvi, from Bowsland Green Primary School in Bradley Stoke won and Debbie went to a prize giving assembly where she presented the school with a cheque for £340.
Debbie said: “It was lovely to be able to give something back to our local community as well as highlighting the plight of the cheetah in the wild.”
Aspirations also ran a competition to find a name for a cuddly cheetah which appeared in the office one day with a note saying “I have no name, please find me one.” She has been called Pru.
There is also a quiz running on the Aspirations website with all the questions about cheetah.
Debbie said: “Aspirations hope that by making people search for answers to the quiz, it will again raise awareness of the Cheetah struggle in the wild.
“The team at Aspirations enjoy supporting the Wild Place Project especially their Cheetah and hope that from their efforts, others will support it too.”
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