22 / 11 / 2017
Christmas gifts you will treasure forever

Some can be found at Wild Place Project and Bristol Zoo Gardens, where there are a range of special animal experiences on offer that don’t cost the Earth – perfect gifts for those tricky to-buy-for family and friends ,
Just imagine being able to stand next to a giraffe as it lowers its head to within inches of you and starts munching the branch of leaves you are holding. 
It is one of those truly memorable moments, one that will make you smile and hold your breath in wonder. It really will be an experience that will remain with you forever.
There are also opportunities to feed other animals at Wild Place Project like the enchanting family of meerkats and even the cheetahs.
At both Wild Place Project and Bristol Zoo there is even the chance to immerse a loved one in the daily routine of caring for animals by becoming a Keeper for the Day, working alongside experienced staff and helping to care for and feed the animals.
Also at Bristol Zoo are a series of different animal experiences in which people can feed Biggie the giant tortoise, get up-close with the colony of lemurs or even spend some time with the amazing fruit bats.
These experiences start from £35. 
Owain Cassidy, head of marketing and development at Bristol Zoological Society, said: “These experiences are perfect Christmas gifts.
“There’s the joy of opening them on Christmas Day, the anticipation waiting for the day  and then the excitement of the day itself  .
“After that, there are the memories and they will last forever.”

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