21 / 06 / 2018
Celebrating world’s tallest animals for World Giraffe Day
Staff at Wild Place Project will be championing the world’s tallest animals this weekend in celebration of World Giraffe Day.
Wild Place Project is home to three giraffe – Gerry, Dayo and Tom – and this weekend (June 23 and 24) keepers will be offering a range of giraffe-themed activities, quizzes, talks, demonstrations and more.
A lucky dip will also be on offer, with a range of great prizes included a giraffe experience, offering two lucky winners the chance to go behind the scenes and hand-feed the three giraffe at Wild Place Project.
At 12.30pm on both Saturday and Sunday, keepers will give visitors the unique opportunity to see a giraffe training demonstration, to see how they care for the giraffe and carry out important healthcare checks.
At 2pm Will Walker, Wild Place Project’s animal manager, will be giving a talk on how Wild Place Project is working to help protect giraffe in the wild, including information on his recent conservation trip to Cameroon in Africa, where giraffe are at risk of extinction.
At 3pm there will be a giraffe talk, offering fascinating information about these beautiful yet rare animals.
Ellie Adams, one of the giraffe keepers at Wild Place Project, said: “Giraffe are hugely popular with our visitors - they are beautiful and charismatic animals and an absolute pleasure to work with.”
She added: “We are looking forward to celebrating World Giraffe Day and offering our guests a host of fun and interesting activities throughout the weekend. It will be great to meet with our visitors and answer any questions they might have, and help them find out more about these iconic yet endangered animals.”
Tom, Gerry and Dayo arrived at Wild Place Project’s new, purpose-built £1.1 million giraffe house last year. They have done plenty of growing since then but have not yet reached full maturity.
Gerry, the biggest giraffe, recently celebrated his fourth birthday and now stands at more than 4m tall (13ft). Tom is the smallest of the three, at just two and a half years old, and in the middle is Dayo, who turns three in March.
The giraffe house at Wild Place links to a field conservation project run by Bristol Zoological Society (which operates Wild Place Project) to save one of the few remaining populations of kordofan giraffe left in the wild.
Wild giraffe numbers have fallen from 140,000 to less than 80,000 in just 15 years. There are now fewer giraffe left in the wild than African elephants.
Members of the public can get close to these iconic creatures, and hand-feed them, by booking a giraffe experience. To find out more visit:
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