22 / 07 / 2016
Birthday presents all-round

You can now buy your favourite animal at Wild Place Project a birthday present to celebrate our third birthday (Friday 22 July).
Staff have created a ‘Wish List’ on Amazon complete with items to enrich and stimulate the animals, which include cheetah, eland, zebra, meerkats and wolves.
Among the unique treats available to purchase include an itch post, a buffet ball, a bottle of catnip and a range of interactive feeders.
“We are always looking for ways to enhance the lives of our animals and encourage their natural behaviours, whether this is working for their food or simply providing areas where they can have a good scratch”, explained Nigel Simpson, head of operations at Wild Place Project.
“It’s hugely important that we keep our animals fit and healthy with physical, sensory and food-based additions in their homes. With gifts such as these we can ensure they have lots to keep them occupied.”
Around 300,000 visitors have walked through Wild Place Project’s gates since it opened in 2013. The wildlife park is home to 91 animals, including 12 mammal species and nine species of birds.
We have welcomed many exotic species over the three years, including cheetah, who are located in the Mahali Pori exhibit; two red river hogs, which can be seen in the Secret Congo exhibit; and a pack of five wolves in Wolf Wood.
Recently the site also opened an Asian Aviary – home to a variety of Asian birds from Vietnam and Indonesia to the small islands in the Philippines.
Nigel added: “It has been great to watch Wild Place Project grow in popularity over the past few years. We welcomed over 100,000 guests last year in just our second full year of operation and have taught over 5,000 students in our themed, and outdoor, classrooms. It truly is a special site - with lots of history - and I am extremely proud of all the effort our staff put in to both caring for our animals and maintaining the grounds and buildings.
“We have lots to look forward to. Guests who visit us over the coming months will see the arrival of Gelada baboons, expected in early August, as well as exciting plans to take shape for 2017.
To purchase a gift for an animal at Wild Place Project visit, click here. All gifts are delivered directly to Wild Place.


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