Grey-necked crowned cranes

Balearica regulorum gibbericeps

The grey-necked crowned crane has two sub-species, the South African crowned crane and the East African crowned crane, the latter of which we have at Wild Place.

Despite their characteristic grey body plumage, the grey-necked crown crane has a variety of different colours including white wings (up to 2m in wingspan), a bright red inflatable throat pouch and a crown of stunning golden feathers. 


The cranes are omnivores, eating plants, seeds and grains as well as frogs, snakes, worms, small fish and the eggs of water animals. They hunt by wading through water in order to reveal potential prey and food. 


The species is native to Uganda, the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo and from Kenya to the eastern region of South Africa. Their habitat typically consists of grasslands, marshes and flooded fields. 

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