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We are now taking enquires for team days which will be run in line with government guidance. To find out more about Leap of Faith corporate packages and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us on 0117 373 7531 or email info@leapoffaith.co.uk.   

The ultimate team building challenge.

Leap of Faith offers everything you need for an enjoyable and successful team building session. We combine gentle climbing activities and exhilarating challenges to deliver a fun and memorable experience for the whole team whilst ensuring your business objectives have been met.
We are always happy to work with you to create an experience that is just right for your team. To achieve this, we allow you to mix and match your experience by choosing from the following activities:

Leap of Faith

Our namesake Leap of Faith challenge is the ultimate test of nerves! Get clipped in, climb the 25ft pole, take a deep breath and make 'The Leap' for the bag – which can be up to 12ft away! 
The Giant Swing

This is Bristol’s only giant swing, so don’t miss your chance to experience this high-speed, adrenaline-filled rush!
Climbing challenges

Eleven exciting challenges, including the High Wire Ladder, the Gladiator Wall, Totem Pole and Wolf Wall.

Situation Survival

An exciting hybrid of an Escape Room and a Wilderness Survival challenge that uses maps and radios to locate items crucial for survival. The challenges are so varied that you will find yourself axe throwing one minute and taking a selfie with a giraffe the next! You will also have to build a shelter, light a fire and get the brew on so you can toast those marshmallows... assuming your team found them!.

This is a real favourite for team days, best for those with a moderate level of fitness and can be structured for team building, bonding or leadership.

Crate stack challenge

The name of the game is to make the biggest stack before it collapses. Did we mention you’re standing on top of it? An excellent test of balance, agility and teamwork, guaranteed to bring your team closer together!
All Aboard

In teams of four, you’ll need to work together to climb to the top of a 9m pole and stand on a platform the size of a dinner plate! Requires cooperation and communication to stay together. Once you’ve found your balance, will your team be brave enough to lean back?
Axe Throwing

Give your team the opportunity to experience the thrill of axe throwing in the woods. It’s highly addictive as you compete against your colleagues for the highest score. Everyone always wants ‘just one more go’!
Bubble football

Dive head first into one of our bubbles and enjoy an action-packed session attempting to barge your colleagues off the ball. With loads of games such as fox and hounds, the last man standing and good old footy in a giant bubble it's unsurprisingly a really popular activity.


"So today my team of 10 staff and I embarked on a team building day with Chris and his staff at the Wild Place Project in Bristol. Chris planned an excellent day for our team, and catered the exercises to everyone's abilities, We all had an amazing day, and this will definitely be talked about in work for weeks to come. A big thank you to Chris and the Leap of Faith team for having us!" - Victoria F 
“Everyone really enjoyed the day, particularly the morning activities which people commented were fun and helpful in terms of communicating and working together, and getting to know each other better. We loved the venue and enjoyed having the space to walk in the woods and see the animals!” – Irena H

To find out more about Leap of Faith corporate packages and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us on 0117 373 7531 or email info@leapoffaith.co.uk     


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