Benoue National Park

Come on a journey with us to Benoue National Park and be immersed in what life is like in the wilds of Cameroon, Africa. Mount the platform to say hello to our graceful giraffes at eye level, and enjoy a stunning view of zebras and eland roaming the open grasslands.

With its mixture of low-level fence and rock boundary, this is the perfect photo opportunity!

Nearby find our sleek cheetahs in their large grassy enclosure, and explore our Cameroonian-inspired Market Village with market stalls and decorations for an authentic African adventure.

There are multiple viewpoints into the enclosures, including a 'hide' where you can spy on our tall friends through a telescope.


Giraffe Cheetah
Zebra Eland


Animal Adoptions

  • Adopt our giraffes
  • Adopt our zebra
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