World War Two air raid shelter

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step back in time and experience a real air raid shelter? 

We are opening our World War Two air raid shelter to the public for the first time in its history. You will be shown down a narrow flight of stone steps into the shelter, which is more than three metres below the ground! You can then explore the shelter for yourself, where you'll find two train carriage shaped rooms with wooden benches. 

At the time of the war, the shelter was part of the Hollywood Estate which was owned by the White family, founders of the Bristol Aircraft Company.  And it may have helped safeguard some very distinguished guests. Wartime documents have revealed that Winston Churchill visited the White family, as did Queen Mary and Sir Robert Menzies. So it is possible that the man voted as the greatest ever Briton could have sought safety in the shelter! 

Open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 2pm and 3pm

It is located next to our Poppy Garden.