Cheetah Experience

Get behind-the-scenes and even closer to the world’s fastest land animal!

In this thrilling experience, you will be met by one of our dedicated keepers and given unrivalled access to the impressive cheetah enclosure, where you will get up-close and personal in a truly unforgettable experience.


What to expect!

Help the keepers prepare the cheetah’s feed before catching your breath to watch the cheetahs hunt and collect their food from only inches away!

The entire experience lasts for around 30 mins and includes FREE ENTRY to Wild Place Project for yourself and a friend, to enjoy the entire park at your leisure for the remainder of the day.


Only £50 per person or £80 for two
Fridays at 11am
16+ only



CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE NOW or call our experiences team on 0117 428 5602 or email info@wildplace.org.uk

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