Hear from our volunteers!

Mark is former special effects make-up artist who now works as a day care assistant as well as volunteering as a Learning Ranger at Wild Place Project

Why do you volunteer?

“My job can be stressful at times, while I thoroughly enjoy what I do professionally I've always had an interest in nature and the beautiful planet we live on. I've found it to be a fantastic thing to do, both mentally and emotionally. It really helps recharge my batteries and is a very fulfilling thing to do. Plus you get to be around such stunning, interesting and at times very funny animals!”

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

“The sheer variety of things to do! From doing the bio-facts in the education shed, helping out in the Lemur walk-through, chatting about wolves and the spectacular geladas to name a few. I’ve even donned a hedgehog outfit for our ‘Knot your net’ campaign! There is so much to do, it keeps you on your toes and interacting with guests is always fun. Sometimes you see a sparkle in a guest’s eye as I've helped them, it is very rewarding in many ways.”

Robert is an electronic engineer who volunteers as a ranger at Wild Place Project every week. 

Why do you volunteer?

“Volunteering at Wild Place provides me with some guaranteed time each week that is away from a computer screen in an office, out in the fresh air. It is an opportunity to appreciate the natural world - this could be enjoying the antics of the lemurs, catching glimpses of the wolves in the undergrowth, or just observing the changing of the seasons – it is all a great antidote to modern life! It is also good to know that by volunteering I am helping Wild Place to prosper, which in turn benefits wildlife conservation more broadly.”

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

“It is a privilege to be among the first people to see any new arrivals, be they unexpected lemur twins or completely different species, like the gelada baboons. Secondly, there is a definite ‘buzz’ to seeing visitors going on their way enthused by having had a little explanation or insight into what they have seen.”


Read more reviews below from volunteers at Wild Place Project:

Fay is a volunteer learning ranger at Wild Place Project. She said: “I have two young children and have had membership to Wild Place Project with them for a few years. I gave up my job last year to spend more time with the children but wanted to do something else as well. I love coming to Wild Place Project to volunteer every week, meeting guests of all ages and learning about the characteristics of all the animals especially the lemurs.” 

Steffi is an education volunteer at Wild Place Project. She said: “I’m studying a degree in Wildlife Conservation and wanted some hands-on experience to supplement my learning. Wild Place Project is such a relaxing environment with friendly staff. It helps me have a day off from studying as well as expanding my knowledge.” 

Stephanie is a volunteer Learning Ranger at Wild Place Project. She said: “When I visited a year ago I loved the atmosphere and wanted to learn more to help bring the same great experience to other guests. No week is the same, with site walks, helping with education groups and making enrichment items for the animals.”
Haydn is a volunteer Learning Ranger at Wild Place Project. He said: “I worked at Bristol Zoo Gardens when I was 20 years old (now 72) all through the summer on weekends. I even visited the Wild Place Project grounds back then!! I enjoy working around animals, it was what I wanted to do – so I joined Wild Place Project!” 
Steve is a volunteer Learning Ranger at Wild Place Project. He said: “When I retired I was looking for something different and fun to do in my spare time. Getting close to the animals and learning their individual characters is fun!” 
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